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Big Stone Lake is a border water between Minnesota and South Dakota.  Your SD or MN fishing license is legal no matter which side of the lake you stay!  Walleyes are the predominate fish of  Big Stone Lake - however there are nice populations of perch.  In addition, there are also some crappie, blue gill, white bass and Northern pike. We offer 4 large fishing docks for guests who opt for shoreline fishing versus a boat.

UPDATED 8/20/2017

A very quiet past week as multiple rain showers and thunderstorms dominated the area since August 12th, dumping  6 to 9 plus inches of rain in some locations.

The lake level is near it is spring time levels now, which is great to see. And the lawnmowers have come out again!

Despite the rain and clouds anglers that ventured out in the wet did surprisingly well early in the week. Continuing to fish the Bay View area, the Grape Vine and north up past Sodak Shores Supper Club.  The best bite seemed to be in the late afternoon and evening hours for the perch. Still utilizing “ice fishing” type techniques and tipping the hook with spikes, pieces of crawler or minnow has been the best way to set the hook.

Thursday arrived and the rain front moved out with some wind.  This caused the lake to stir creating some cloudy waters challenging the fishermen this past weekend.  Still some fish brought in, but not as plentiful as previous weeks.

Seeing a few more walleye grace the cleaning table and expect more of these as well as more perch as the fall temperatures arrive.

Schmidt’s Landing Resort

Bonnet boys get several fish.

Brody is pretty proud of this 24 inch and 16 inch walleye...

Matthew finds a variety of  Big Stone fish.

AJ and Nick get their own pile of fish to clean.

Hailey approves to dad’s catch.

A cooler of perch waiting for the cleaning table.

Craig shows of the net of fish he and partner Al caught.

Al gets in on the action with more walleye.

Another bucket of dandy perch head to the cleaning table.

Team Fletcher hit a honey hole with this table full of fish.

A mix bag of blue gill and perch come in to the cleaning table.

The Wisconsin brothers clean up their daily catch of perch, blue gill and even a bull head or two.

Another pile of perch hits the cleaning table.

Check out this pile of blue gill.

Giessinger family finds some perch.

The rest of the Giessinger family gets in on the action on a second outing.

A walleye and a perch for Boehrns kids.

Kevin and Alex with some nice bluegill and a couple of walleye.

Three generations of Sanderson’s find some blue gill.

A 10.5 inch blue gill is common for Big Stone.

Justin and Jerry trolled for this nice catch of walleye.

Larry and Jim put together three nice walleye in just an hour of trolling.

 Jared catches a super nice largemouth bass.

Jim and Bob find the walleye on spinners/crawlers.

Al gets his limit of four walleye.

Larry finds three nice walleye and a bluegill on spinners.

Not to be out done by the guys...Margaret and Cathie find some walleye.

Jim, Cathie, Margaret and Bob finish out their limit with these walleyes.

Panfish are still coming in...these are ready to clean!

Larry and Diane find to trophy blue gill.

A cooler full of perch, bluegill and crappie.

Kari finds a couple nice largemouth bass.

Hayden set up the cleaning table for dad and grandpa with bluegill, crappie and perch.

More panfish for Hayden’s dad and grandpa to clean.

Catherine Allen finds a 15 inch perch.

Ralph gets a walleye in the boat.

Ron and Loren find three nice walleyes and some crappies.

Kinley looks over the large spread of walleye.

Kari holds up a nice crappie.

Jennifer caught and released this 17 pound northern.

Mueller family do well on the walleye and one super crappie!

Kari, Charlie and Jon’s catch a bunch of crappie.

Jacob and some nice crappie.

Tyler caught a 30 inch walleye of the docks

Tanner and Tyler, with a little help from dad, found some nice crappie!

An assortment of perch and crappie

Anglers set of walleye

Bill and his partners walleye ready for cleaning.

Cole heads to the cleaning house with a net full of perch, crappie and blue gill.

Seasonal RVer Jake gets a limit of perch and a walleye in just over 2 hours.

Nate and his crew cover the table with their limit of perch.

Emmett loves the bull head fishing in Big Stone Lake.

Clines and Plourde’s find some nice perch on their 44th trip to Big Stone Lake!

Jake and Julia get another pile of fish.

Colter points out his favorite fish.

Leo made the “catch of the day” board with his white bass.

Arrick family finds some fish!

Sanderson family hits a honey hole!

Mark and Matt cleaning up their perch catch.

Jordan and friend drift with the wind to get a nice walleye and panfish.

Max and his green sunfish off our docks.

Kevin gets into some nice perch and a walleye.
Kevin sharpens his knife to clean these perch.

Terry and his pals were able to put together a three man limit of walleye and some nice perch trolling the north end of the lake.

Clay and Jacob’s stringer.

Clay and some night time bullheads.

Lucas drifts in the wind and gets a few dandies.

Julia and Jacob are ready for dad to clean their fish.

Kevin and Mike get a few for the cleaning table.

Rick, Devon and Tiffany find some perch

Fred’s two grandchildren hold up his stringer of perch.

Bayden’s walleye.

Rick and kids find some more perch.

 John and Candace found their fish.

Rezac Family put together a nice catch.

Three anglers pull their limit with spinners and crawlers.

Zoe holds up her largest walleye (16”) and a nice perch.

Mike and Kevin get a nice variety of fish.

Bob and Wayne have some nice walleye.

Wes Johnson gets a 25 incher.

A net full of tasty bluegill.

Wes and Jared get a table full.

Ian caught two nice large mouth bass.

Shawn, using Grandpa’s pole and bait, caught a dandy 6 pound walleye.

Troy finds a dandy walleye.

Roger and Bob put together 3 nice walleye.

Chuck caught and released this nice 25 1/4” walleye.

Ed soon followed with a 25” walleye caught and released.

3 walleyes in the net hit the table

4 walleyes and 4 white bass make it to the cleaning table

Hansen family start out the week right with this mix bag of fish.

37 blue gills by the Hansen family.

Kinley is proud of the Mueller family catch with Grandma in the background.

 Bob finds a nice 6 pound walleye.

Kinley’s first crappie!

More Mueller fish, Kinley points to hers.

The “boss” finally gets out on the water and found this nice limit of walleye.

Riley finishes out the camping week with this nice catch.

Kevin’s first Big Stone Walleye at 4 pounds.

 TJ and Addison like their fish.

Dillon holds his walleye of the day.

A couple nice crappie for Dillon.

Mary caught this dandy northern off our docks too.

Yes Arizona fishermen catch fish here too! Steve caught this northern casting off the docks. His partner caught a similar one as well.

Larry’s 13.5 pound northern ~ off the dock.

 A nice walleye caught by Roy off the pontoon

Aimee wins the northern challenge with this nice fish caught off the dock

Al gets a northern off the dock.

Scott and daughter, Ryane, find three walleyes pulling spinners.

 Aaron pulls spinners to get this dandy 6 pound walleye.

Larry puts in his time and gets an 11 inch bluegill, a northern and a walleye
 dock fishing.

A northern off the docks!

A couple northern and a walleye caught on a cold and windy day.

Long time customers Bill and Pete get a nice two-man limit.
All except one is just under the 20 inch mark.

A white bass in the mix

Jake casts shoreline for two nice walleye

Iowa angler happy with his limit of walleye